New curtains give an instant style boost to your home and the right set can transform the look of a room. A fresh set of curtains has plenty of additional benefits too, including increased light control, reduced noise and greater insulation.  

Choosing the perfect curtains can be difficult when there’s so much choice available, so how do you know which material is best? The option you choose will depend on the room and your requirements, but if you want to know more about the different materials available, see below for our handy guide.


Cotton is a light and versatile natural fabric that adds a crisp, clean feel to your home. Cotton curtains will need to be lined because they’re so lightweight and adding a lining will ensure that they hang properly. A blackout lining is a good choice (especially for bedrooms) and it will help to protect the fabric from sun damage.


Linen is another natural fibre that adds a breezy, relaxed feel to any room. Linen is light, airy and the ideal fabric if you want to let in a lot of natural light, but retain some privacy. Linen also has a tendency to fade, but some people actually favour the rustic, lived in look.


Silk curtains look beautiful and hang very well, so they’re perfect for adding a touch of luxury to the bedroom or living room. However, silk isn’t the most practical fabric and it requires more maintenance than other materials. Silk curtains will need to be dry clean only and they’re also susceptible to sun damage. Again, a lining will help to protect your curtains or choose a faux-silk polyester material for a more affordable, durable option.


Velvet curtains can be made from natural or synthetic fibres and it’s one of the heaviest fabrics for your drapes. Velvet curtains offer excellent insulation, noise reduction and blackout properties, making them a popular choice in bedrooms or the living room. If you’re looking to inject some glamour to a room then velvet is the perfect material.


Polyester curtains are a very popular choice; they’re versatile, affordable, durable and easy to clean. You’ll often find polyester curtains in children’s bedrooms or the bathroom, but avoid using them in the kitchen. Polyester material is flammable and it also absorbs odours very easily – not the best choice for a room with open flames and cooking smells!

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