Your bedroom is meant to be a tranquil space where you can relax and feel at comfort. Ideally, your room will be the most peaceful place in the house and will give you an instant sense of calm when you walk into it.

Unfortunately, most people’s bedrooms are anything but relaxing. They’re piled with clothes and items and they’re often still painted in the same original neutral colour when they moved in. It’s time to take control and turn your bedroom into a sanctuary in your own home.


The first step to making a space more relaxing is to get rid of everything you don’t need. This includes:

●     Old magazines and books you dislike

●     Clothing that no longer fits or that you don’t wear

●     Knick knacks you kept out of obligation

●     Sheets with holes in them

●     Random papers

●     Broken items

●     Empty bottles and cans

●     Excess items that you never really use

Be sure to do a deep clean once you’ve decluttered, since this will give you a nice fresh start to redoing your bedroom.


This is a good time to repaint your walls. Choose colours that you can work with and plan out your colour palette. Cooler colours tend to be calming, while warm ones will boost energy. Good colours for bedroom walls include greys, blues, and pale greens or browns. It’s really more of a personal choice at this point.

Keep in mind that you’ll be using these colours, or complementary ones, to decorate the entire room. It’s an easy way to give that calming vibe, simply by using a set of colours!

You may wish to use an accent colour on one wall, while painting the others a lighter, more neutral tone. For example, you may choose to paint the walls a beige colour and the accent wall a rich orange. There’s a lot to be said for adding some new hues to the space. It’s also quite popular to paint a wall one colour and then to add an arch in a lighter tone.


While hardwood is nice and can look great, there’s nothing quite so luxurious as sinking your feet into carpet in the morning. Select a nice high pile carpet that’ll pamper your feet, in a colour that works with the rest of the room.

Carpets can really soften a room and are worth the money to ensure you have a good, high quality choice. It’ll be relatively simple to clean the floor as long as you have a vacuum.


Lighting has a massive impact on how a room feels. By adding dimming lights, you have the ability to set the mood as you like.

Your light fixtures should be designed to make your life easier. For example, you need to be able to turn out the light once you’re already in bed. Having a switch or a lamp there will allow you to turn out the light and drift away to sleep without rising again.

The colour of your light also matters. Do you want something warm and soft, or do you prefer the feel of daylight? You can test these out in the store to determine which you prefer.


Your bed is where you’ll spend roughly a third of your life, so it’s worth it to have a bed that’ll suit you. Make sure to do your research and invest in a bed that’ll not only last for years to come, but will also give you the best possible sleep.

Beds can be pricey, but it’s worth it to have what you really need. Once you’ve bought the bed, you’ll want comfortable sheets and blankets to use with it, all of which should blend into your colour scheme.


If you use your bedroom for more than merely sleeping, it’s best to divide it into zones or sections where you can create spaces for each activity. A comfortable chair or cushioned window will make an ideal space for settling in with a good book and if you plan to work in your room, set the office space away from the bed. It should be distinctly separate so you can relax easier when it’s time to switch off from work.

You can also delineate the different areas by using area rugs, curtains, or simple separations, such as bookshelves. Make sure everything in the room serves a purpose.


Textures can be exactly what a bedroom needs. If you feel that your room is too simple, try adding a fluffy throw pillow, satiny sheets or velvety curtains. The more textures there are, the more variety you’ll experience in your bedroom.

Just having a few different colours in a room doesn’t make it exciting. You’ll want soft carpet or hard vinyl flooring with a pretty throw rug over it, various textures of blankets on the bed or folded up on a trunk. These all add to the aesthetics of the room and help you feel more at home.


Every detail in the bedroom matters and window treatments are some of the most popular and most important details around. After all, windows are what let natural light into your space. There are a number of choices when it comes to window treatments. You can go with blinds or curtains, but even these have many options.

Blinds allow you to tilt them with ease to get the right amount of light and to simultaneously manage your privacy. They generally come in vertical and horizontal options, but there are also sheet blinds that fold up when you lift them. Blinds do tend to look a little less personal and they’re limited in their colour choices.

Curtains range from heavy blackout curtains to sheer ones, so you can choose the level of privacy you want. It’s also possible to layer curtains, so you can have sheer ones to give a bit of privacy while letting in light, and then heavier curtains that can be pulled back when needed. These are a great way to provide more texture and colour to the room. The more fabric there is, the more it’ll bunch up when tied back and the more impressive it’ll look. However, if you prefer a simple look, aim for curtains that just cover the window without any pleats.


Nothing makes a space feel more calming than plants, so use them liberally in your bedroom. They can stand on the dresser or wardrobe, hang from the ceiling and perch on the windowsill. There are many different types of plants to choose from so there’s bound to be an option you can enjoy.

Even if you tend not to be very good at keeping plants alive, there are succulents and cacti, which require little care and which have a high resilience so they’ll last a long time when you inevitably forget to water them!

Plants have been proven to help with air and sleep quality, so be sure to keep at least a couple of them around.


Another great way to make your bedroom feel more comfortable and welcoming is to make it smell inviting. There are a few choices that can achieve this.

Essential oils may be used in a diffuser and they’re good for treating insomnia and anxiety, too. Use lavender if you’re ready for bed or opt for something like cedarwood or pine if you want to feel cosy. Florals never go amiss, either.

Incense is another option that many people enjoy using. Others find it too harsh for their needs but if you enjoy it then go ahead and burn a little before bed or whilst you read a book. It can be really soothing.

Scented candles are another option. There are so many options that you really can choose whatever scent you’d like. Plus, you can light it whenever you desire to add a bit of scent in the room. From floral to food, there’s something for everyone.

Finally, you can bring actual flowers into your room to add a natural scent. Look for roses or lilacs which are very potent, or other flowers that’ll release their sweet smells into your space. As an added bonus, they look beautiful!

Your room should be a place where you can sit back and relax after a long day. By keeping it tidy and decorating it with plenty of thought, you can ensure that it serves its purpose well..

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