2020 has been unusual to say the least, with many of us spending previously unheard of amounts of time inside our homes. As our flats and houses have become host to not only leisure time, but work and schooling too, it’s no surprise that many people are feeling that it’s time to give their space a makeover.Simply spending more hours than you’re used to indoors has prompted many people to re-evaluate their space and think about what they could do to change things up. As we head into 2021, there’s no better time to start thinking about how to redesign your interiors, from the hottest paint colours to the latest in accessories and materials. If you’re looking for some inspiration to help transform your home, read on for some of our favourite upcoming interior design trends for 2021.

Shades of greenGreen outdoor spaces took on a new significance for many people throughout 2020 and the colour of nature is going to continue to have a big impact into next year. Green is a calming, tranquil colour and it can create a soothing relaxing atmosphere in rooms like the living room or bedroom.Sumptuous jewel toned greens add a touch of luxury, especially when paired with rich shades like chocolate brown, or brass and gold hardware. A dark, olive green can be very striking too and it doesn’t necessarily make a room feel smaller, either. Larger rooms or those with high ceilings can get away with using the same colour on all four walls, or paint one statement wall if your room is smaller or awkwardly shaped. A pale, pistachio green is another very popular shade; try using it in the kitchen or bathroom for a fresh, airy look. Pistachio green pairs beautifully with pale pink for a vintage, romantic feel, or opt for bold black or white for a striking, modern look.

Statement rugsWooden flooring is tipped to remain very popular throughout homes, which means that statement rugs are also on the rise. A bold rug is a great way to inject some colour and personality into your interiors and keep draughts at bay during the colder winter months. Large scale patterns and bright bold prints make a statement in living rooms, or choose runners with smaller, delicate prints for hallways or narrower spaces. You can make a statement with different textures too; try sheepskin, faux fur or velvet for a luxurious, opulent look in the bedroom or living room. 

Multi-functional furnitureThis is arguably the biggest (and most practical) trend moving forward, as our homes now take on multi-functional roles. With many people’s living rooms and bedrooms doubling up as a home office, gym, bar and more, it’s vital that furniture is as functional and practical as possible.
Trend forecasters are expecting to see a rise in multi-use furniture in 2021, such as fold-down desks, stools with hidden storage space and bookshelf/desk combinations.Beds with added storage underneath are a great space saver too, especially if you need to swap out a wardrobe to make space for a home office desk.

Sustainable materials – The impact we have on our environment has become a growing concern for many people and 2021 will see the rise of sustainable interior design. This includes furniture made from sustainable or recycled materials, like reclaimed timber, bamboo, vegan leather and bioplastic. Designers are also looking at their manufacturing practices and figuring out new methods which have the least impact on the environment as possible.These include methods like sourcing local materials, using renewable energy in the manufacturing process and recycling leftover materials instead of sending them to landfill.

Outside in – As mentioned above, nature has been very important for many people in recent months, especially during lockdown. Large outdoor spaces might also be harder to access for those living in crowded urban areas, so the trend of bringing the outside in is set to flourish. Start by adding more plants to your home to create a calming, tranquil atmosphere – plus, they look great too. Succulents and cacti are highly popular as they’re very easy to care for and don’t require much attention. Large, leafy plants are good too, especially in bathrooms to help create a luxury spa feel. Opt for varieties which thrive in warm, humid environments, like ferns, spider plants and aloe vera. 

Plants not only look great, they can even improve your surrounding environment. Plants help to filter out pollutants and release oxygen, which is particularly important if you live in a busy, urban area. Studies have also found that plants boost mood, productivity and concentration, so try adding some around your desk or work area if you’re working from home. 

Classic florals – Classic florals are usually associated with country cottages or stately homes, but they can look just as chic in a modern apartment or family home. Try adding floral wallpaper to the ceiling for a modern twist, or choose floral accessories like cushions and curtains if you don’t want to commit to papering the walls.
Florals are also part of the ‘outside in’ trend and help to create a calming atmosphere by taking us back to nature. A jasmine flower pattern is still classic, but the delicate blooms mean that it can be used in small rooms without becoming overwhelming. Classic florals work particularly well with other rustic style elements, like exposed beams, stone or wooden flooring and panelled walls. 

Grey tones – Banish the idea that grey equals dull; this cool neutral looks stylish and chic in any room of your home. There are plenty of different shades and tones of grey to choose from; from a pale slate grey to a deep charcoal. Grey is actually a highly versatile colour and you can layer different shades to add depth and interest to a room.Grey offers the perfect balance to bold colours and patterns; think pale grey walls and a bold, geometric patterned rug or bright wall art. Pale grey pairs particularly well with bright shades of yellow or blue, or balance charcoal grey with warm shades of pink or orange. 

Tropical shores – Many of us have been itching for a holiday after the events of 2020, so expect to see tropical patterns and seaside colours in many homes for 2021. Start with shades of blue (anything from a soft aqua to a deep, sea blue shade) and incorporate tropical patterns like palm leaves and Hawaiian style prints. If you want to go all out then these patterns can be used as wallpaper, or if that feels too much, choose patterned curtains, cushions and rugs instead. Tropical prints look great paired with exposed wood and bright shades of blue, green, yellow or pink. 

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