Our homes are safe havens, so it’s no surprise that we invest lots of time and energy into decorating and furnishing each room of the house. From the perfect paint colour to the right choice of luxury flooring, we like to make sure our interior design choices will serve us the way we imagine! Of course, it’s no different when it comes to choosing soft furnishings for the home, including curtains.

At Lewis Interiors, we’re proud to offer a wide range of stylish curtains, including made-to-measure curtains, to homes throughout Derby and beyond. As such, we’ve become enamoured with beautiful drapes – and are keen to share the many advantages of introducing them to your home! If you’re wondering whether curtains are a good fit for your property, here are six wonderful benefits to consider.


First things first, curtains can add a touch of grandeur to a home! Available in an expansive range of styles, materials, shades and patterns, there is no shortage of beautiful curtain styles to choose from. Whether you want to introduce soft textures to an otherwise ultra-contemporary apartment or you’d like to complement the traditional feel of your cosy country cottage, curtains can be hung to bring your interior design dreams to life.

Many people ask us, “are curtains out of style?” It’s true that blinds are increasing in popularity, with shutters also making a comeback within the world of interior design. However, we firmly believe that high-quality curtains are timeless. They can be used to make a statement in an understated room, or simply hung to tie a contrasting colour scheme together. They can be crafted in bright, bold shades, or lovingly made with pale hues for a more muted look. They can be used as standout furnishings or paired with blinds to offer the best of both worlds. The options are endless!

No matter your design preferences and decor tastes, we’re confident that there exists a pair of curtains for you. We’re also proud to supply a selection of gorgeous blinds, so if you decide that curtains aren’t the right choice for your home, you can still inject creativity and style into your window furnishing choices with Lewis Interiors.


Another fantastic benefit of hanging curtains and drapes in your home is that they offer high levels of privacy. We all need privacy from time and time, and being able to close your curtains is a quick and easy way to shut yourself off from the outside world! Whether you’re sitting down to enjoy a film with your family or enjoying a pamper evening with your friends, closing your curtains can help you achieve the sense of privacy you need.

Of course, there are also security benefits to increasing the privacy of your home. Throughout the night, preventing intruders from being able to peer inside your home is an effective way to prevent crime. It may sound obvious, but the more difficult it is for people to peer inside your home, the less information they have about your property – including what’s inside, the layout of the property, and who is home throughout the day and night.

Blinds also offer this sense of privacy and security, so the window furnishing style you opt for truly depends on your design preferences and tastes. If you’re not sure which to choose, don’t hesitate to contact the Lewis Interiors team today!


Light control is one of the most important qualities to consider when sourcing window furnishings. Whether you want to decorate your home with thick, luxurious curtains or modern blinds, considering how efficient they are at welcoming or blocking natural bright light is key. This is, after all, what window furnishings are designed to do!

If you’re looking for a very flexible solution to light control, then blinds might be the best option for you. Some blinds are built with slats that can be opened very slightly, allowing you to welcome light into your home without compromising on privacy! This can make them the perfect fit for home offices, for instance.

However, that’s not to say that curtains don’t offer plenty of flexibility when it comes to light control! They can be tied back however you wish, giving you the control you need to allow or stifle the sun’s rays. What’s more, blackout curtains are highly effective at blocking out natural light completely, which makes them the perfect window furnishing for bedrooms. You’ll love those Sunday morning lie-ins even more with gorgeous blackout curtains.


We’re always looking for ways to reduce our energy consumption (for the planet and our pockets!) – but did you know that it could be as simple as hanging curtains or drapes? By creating a fabric barrier between window panes and the rest of the room, curtains can prevent the heat generated within your home from escaping. Quite simply, this works because the fabric doesn’t conduct energy effectively, meaning warm air struggles to pass through.

You’ll know that standing or sitting next to a bare window can instantly make you feel cooler, whereas hanging fabric curtains can provide a stylish thermal barrier. Buying curtains is also much more economical than blasting your central heating or insulating your walls, so it’s certainly worth making this simple adjustment before investing in any larger changes.

Of course, curtains can also block heat from coming in. On a hot summer’s day, you can bring coolness and shade to your home by simply closing the curtains. This can be ideal if you have little ones playing in the front room or you’d like to sleep throughout the day without getting too warm.


Ah, noise pollution. This is something that many people neglect to consider when decorating their home, but it’s certainly something worth thinking about if you like the peace and quiet! Noise pollution may not be much of an issue if you live in a rural part of the country, but city dwellers will understand how frustrating it can be to lay awake at night to the sounds of sirens, cars beeping and passersby talking loudly. If you live near a motorway or airport, the noise can be unbearable!

Luckily, small interior design changes can help. Just like how laying carpets can muffle the sounds of people walking throughout your property, hanging curtains will block some of the noise coming from the outside into your home. It’s important to note that curtains won’t eliminate unwanted noise, but fabric – especially thick fabric – does offer noise-blocking qualities that can make getting to sleep at night much easier!

If you’re fed up with dealing with noise pollution, you might consider doubling up on blinds and curtains. Using both types of window furnishing will offer two barriers between your home and the streets outside!


In addition to being visually appealing and having insulative and noise-protective properties, curtains are extremely low maintenance! These simple yet functional furnishings are designed to stand the test of time, and when you purchase them from suppliers who care (like Lewis Interiors!), you can rest assured that they’ll stay looking their best for years to come.

Regularly dusting your curtains should be enough to keep them in great condition, but you can also steam clean them or wipe them down gently with a damp cloth to remove any scuffs or marks. This shouldn’t take longer than a few moments and won’t need to be a part of your daily routine, so you don’t need to worry about spending hours on maintaining your curtains!

What’s more, curtains are easy to open and close. Many styles are no-fuss and no-frills, so they may look beautifully decorative but be extraordinarily easy to operate. If you’re looking for a very low maintenance solution to furnishing your windows, curtains are a great choice.


Are you ready to enhance your home with gorgeous window furnishings? Look no further than Lewis Interiors for everything you need! We’re proud to supply a selection of elegant yet functional curtains and blinds to suit every interior, with competitive prices, friendly customer service and over 50 years of experience in the field of interior design making us the go-to furnishing suppliers in the Derby area.

To learn more about our range of products and services, please don’t hesitate to contact the Lewis Interiors team today. We look forward to helping you bring your decor dreams to life!