Have you recently taken the plunge and invested in a new property? Congratulations! But is the carpet in your property a little bit dated? Or perhaps you’ve lived in your home for many years and your carpet is looking a little worn and perhaps like it’s seen better days? Maybe You’ve changed your furnishings and the carpet no longer suits the space? Are your carpets affecting allergies or triggering mold? If any of these things sound familiar, it’s time for your existing carpet to go. At this point you’ve likely looked up carpet professionals in your area and read up on reviews.

Perhaps you have already narrowed down your options and you now have to make the call and get some estimates so someone can help you get the job done. Prior to you doing this, there are a few questions we think you should ask your carpet professional and maybe a few to ask yourself, too!

What would be the best carpet for my home?

When you seek a quote from certain flooring companies, they will often do their best to match the quality you’re seeking along with the budget you’ve presented them with. Their recommendations will reflect the input you’ve given them so it is essential that you ask questions that will help them determine which carpet will best suit your home. The simplest question you can ask is “which carpet is best for my home and my family and why?”

This allows them to make a comparison of all the different options relating to quality, maintenance, warranties, installation, and expense. This breakdown will also allow you to make it easier and for you to understand their recommendations. This will in turn mean you are getting the best carpeting in your price range. You can also remain assured that the carpet will have the quality you need backed by a warranty you desire.

Is the quote that you’re giving going to change down the road?

We recommend that you look into the specific kinds of carpets as well as the average cost to have them installed in your area. Informing yourself on the ins and outs of carpeting will allow you a greater understanding of the quote you’re given. When the carpet professional is offering you a quote, you can refer to this guide to compare the prices they have given you to what is found on the guide.

Is the quoted price going to include the fee of all materials and labour?

This is a key point. Ensure that the quote you have been given is an all-inclusive quotation and covers the cost of the carpeting, all materials, and the installation. There are common instances when customers thought they were getting an all-inclusive quote only to see that there was a separate fee for installation after the job had been completed.

Do you have guidance for maintaining the new carpet?

You may be aware of the common maintenance requirements, for example, vacuuming regularly, removing stains ASAP, and asking visitors to take their shoes off upon entering your home. Your carpet professional will often provide you with guidance that is specific to the type of carpet you are buying. Asking for their expertise on maintaining your carpet as well as some printed materials from the manufacturer can help increase the longevity of your new carpets.

What sort of professional maintenance do carpets require?

It is likely that your carpet professional may also sell professional grade cleaning and maintenance products. They might actually offer maintenance services but if not, they will be able to point you in the right direction of the utensils you would need or a firm that does. Having your carpets steam cleaned can make a huge impact. Often, it is advised that you have your carpets cleaned annually. But between professional cleanings, you need to maintain your carpets often. Asking a professional for tips and or resources will help you keep your carpets clean and looking fresh.

Will warranty be included? If so, how long does it last and what will be covered?

You need to listen attentively as the installer reviews your warranty with you. Moreover, this may not be what you base your decision on as the higher quality carpets usually offer you similar warranties.

Questions to ask yourself

What room are you purchasing the carpet for?

You need to consider where the carpet is going to be placed. The reason being is that,

high traffic areas such as the stairs or hallways, require hard-wearing practical carpets that will keep their appearance, but bedrooms can be fitted with more luxurious qualities as they don’t require such consistent use. When it comes to the living room, wool or wool-rich twist piles have superb resilience to wear and tear, though easy clean polypropylene carpets are stain-resistant and bleach cleanable.

What’s your price range?

You need to be realistic about this. Carpet much like any homeware investment – can vary in price – from the very cheap to the very expensive. The best thing is to work out how much you want to spend but don’t forget to include the cost of fitting, underlay and other materials.

What’s your priority? Texture? Colour? Ease?

Think about what is important to you, your family circumstances and your property. If you require a carpet which is easy to clean, look out for more family friendly options. If you’ve a household pet at home, you may also want to opt for our easy-clean carpets, most of which carry a 10-year guarantee against stain and wear resistance.

Plain, Textured, Or Bordered?

One of the most significant benefits of choosing carpet is the huge variety of colours, styles, textures, and patterns on offer. You can get carpeting in almost any style that you like, so pick one that perfectly matches the style of your home.

Is your Carpet going to be a long term investment?

Most people buy a new carpet and plan to use it for the foreseeable future. As a carpet is surprisingly durable, this isn’t a problem as long as the product you pick is of a high enough quality. However, if you are fairly sure that you’ll be moving house or replacing the new carpet in a couple of years, it could be worth factoring this into your decision.

Once you’ve found a carpet you like, what are the next steps?

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