Do you have a baby on the way? There are many ways of nesting, but for a large number of new parents-to-be, creating the nursery is high on their list. The trouble is, there’s no one way of making and decorating a nursery, so it can be tough to get started.

You need a focal point – something to build off of – when planning a nursery. Whatever that is will guide your hand as you come up with the right design for the space. For some people, the focal point is a theme. Popular nursery themes such as safari, elephants, polka dots, and similar can give you something to work around, but they’re not the only option.

Another way to go is to choose something you love for the baby’s room and then work out from there. For example, you may have a picture for the wall, a blanket with the perfect colours, or an area rug that just embodies everything you love for a nursery. Pick out the motifs, colours, etc from the chosen item and turn that into your baby’s nursery. It’s a fun way to create a cohesive space that will be unlike anything anyone has seen . . . it will be unique to your child.

Now let’s look at how you can go about creating the perfect nursery.

Invest in Good Quality Furniture

Let’s face it, your baby won’t use their crib for more than a couple of years, but there are now a number of options for convertible cribs, or cribs that later turn into adult-size beds. If you look at investing in quality furniture that will last until your child is grown, it’s worth a lot more than just a stylish crib.

You don’t need to go overboard on the furniture, but a good, sturdy crib, a dresser that can be used as a change station, and a good chair are all necessary. You will want a comfortable chair, preferably a glider or rocking chair, to spend those long nights with a fussy baby. It’s worth finding the space for it and a long-lasting chair will be used for decades, even long after the baby is grown.

Add Some Texture

Even if you have a monochrome space, textures can really take things up a notch. There are plenty of ways to do this. Just be sure to mix and match textures as you decorate.

Pillows: Different types of pillows can add a neat look to a space and give your baby a way to explore once they’re mobile. Try to get some silky pillows, at least one faux fur pillow, and some other textures, as well.

Blankets: A few blankets with different types of fabric can add a lot to the room as well, even if they’re just hung along the wall or draped over the chair.

Wall hangings: Framing various prints and textures can make them into an artistic display that your baby will want to touch.

Blocks: Use fabric blocks to get a range of different feels that can look as good as they are to explore with little fingers.

Rugs: Whether your floor is hardwood or carpet, you can add a throw rug that is fluffy and soft to give your baby a little extra stimulation.

All of these elements work together to create a fun, stimulating environment for all ages. You won’t be able to resist running your fingers over the textures either.

Focus on Window Coverings

You should have at least one window in the nursery and this should be decorated properly. Keep in mind that you may want your baby to sleep more than the light allows, so blackout curtains can be very useful. Blinds also work very well for preventing too much light from getting into the space. Even if you choose blinds or curtains to block out the light, you can also use some decorative curtains that add to the ambience of the nursery. Just be sure to keep your baby safe with ties kept short and high.

This is another opportunity to add texture to your space and it can be fun to choose a beautiful pattern that suits your child’s room. Look for ways to add fun fabric to the space and get creative with your tie backs.

Pick Your Flooring

Choosing your flooring is important. You may want the softness of a carpet, or you may prefer the easy to clean choice of hardwood or vinyl flooring. There is no right answer here, it’s really up to you and what you prefer.

Both types of flooring can have throw cushions and area rugs added, so there’s no reason to worry about being stuck with just one texture. Your baby can crawl on an area rug just as well as regular carpet, so it doesn’t make a huge difference in mobility later on either.

The one advantage of a hard floor is that it is much easier to clean when your little one has a bad night or gets messy as a toddler. It can be wiped up and mopped to eliminate any germs or mess that may occur, whereas carpet will need to be steam cleaned to really get rid of the yucky stuff. However, a carpet is much softer and provides your baby with a nice place to crawl.

Get Creative with Lighting

Lights are important in a nursery. You’ll be getting up at night, but you don’t actually want the baby to think it’s morning, so dim lighting is necessary for those late-night feedings. It will help you go back to sleep after, as well.

Lamps are your best friend when it comes to nursery lighting. You can place them up high so your little one won’t knock them once they’re active, or affix them to the wall, but the trick is to have dimmers on the switches. This will let you turn the lights on low at night, giving you just enough light to change a diaper, but not enough to wake the little one up completely.

Don’t settle for ordinary lamps, either. There are plenty of fun designs available that may suit your child’s nursery décor. A moon light, for example, will work with many themes, including space, princess, and safari, among many others.

Of course, sometimes you’ll want a brighter light, so don’t forget to include options for this, as well.

Give Them Something to Look At

Babies need plenty of stimulation and you’ll be spending a lot of time in the nursery, so why not make it a good place to look at things?

Start by adding a mobile for your little one over their crib. This gives them something to watch when they’re lying there, but there should also be plenty to look at around the room.

Hang images on the walls, put up shelves with books and stuffed animals and include colour and design throughout the space. Around the crib shouldn’t be too stimulating, but elsewhere in the room, give your child something to look at.

Don’t Overdo It

Your baby is only tiny for a short while and then they’ll be mobile and into everything, showing their interests, etc. While decorating a nursery is fun, it will all change so very quickly. Don’t go too overboard purchasing speciality items for the bedroom when your little one will likely fall in love with something completely different in just a few years.

Children grow up and they change and the best nurseries grow with them. Look for pieces that will adapt from babyhood to childhood and beyond. For example, when selecting a dresser, you’ll find that a plain pine or stylish white dresser is a better choice than one that is done up in pastels and baby colours. The pine furniture can even go with them when they move out.

From floors to curtains, you can select more sophisticated designs to ensure that the look is timeless. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying the process of creating a special space for your baby, but if you choose carefully, you can use those same curtains for a decade to come. And blinds never go out of style!

Welcome your baby with a carefully designed nursery that will grow and adapt along with them and you won’t regret it!

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