Good curtains and high-quality blinds make or break a space. Quite often, we take for granted how crucially important it is to invest in quality curtains or blinds. Not only do they complete the aesthetic of a room but also help to flatter whatever furniture you already have, permitting the entry of natural light and fresh air, something proven to benefit your overall well being and also compliment any living space. 

When it comes to making a room come together, if the curtains are worn, ill-fitting, or perhaps don’t compliment the room, it might be worth having an overhaul. Something as simple as renewing your curtains or blinds is going to not only create a focal point but also establish a greater level of style to the room.

The best thing is, updating your blinds or curtains doesn’t need to be difficult. There are plenty of new blinds and curtains trends emerging for 2021, so with that in mind, let’s have a look at a few of these popular trends out there! As well as this, we’ll include a few handy tips and tricks making sure your curtains and blinds stay looking good.


One of the most popular mantras for interior designers is, keep it simple. With that in mind, neutral tones are ideal for those who perhaps prefer a slightly more minimalist aesthetic. Shades of mauve, taupe, cream, and duck-egg grey conjure up a refined and classic look for your curtains or blinds. Neutral tones are ideal for spaces that are going to be used for the purpose of relaxation or communal areas that you want to keep neutral.


You truly can’t go wrong with a classic white curtain or blind. White is perhaps the most ideal when it comes to minimalist design but also perfect for spaces that are already highly stylized with colours and prints. It’s all about balance. White is also perfect if you want to create a brighter and seemingly larger space. One of the best things about opting for white is that it is going to offer you lots of natural light If you prefer to have a brighter, larger space – white blinds or curtains could be an excellent option.


Navy blue has been everywhere in recent months and is going to remain popular in 2021. It’s hardly surprising that classic blue was voted as the Pantone colour of the year 2020. This shade of blue looks perfect when combined with neutral tones. Depending on the tone you decide to opt for, the impact of blue curtains or blinds may darken or brighten a space. This shade is fresh and modern and clearly an all-round crowd-pleaser. 


Statement design is also very on-trend right now. Anything ranging from animal print to bold patterns, curtains and blinds are absolutely no exception to this either. If it’s your kind of style and you like something a little more quirky, why not opt for something a little different for your curtains or blinds? Long gone are the days where curtains and blinds were only really used to add privacy to your home, it’s now about adding style and flair too.


Sheer curtains really give off an elegant and effortlessly chic look. So simple and even better still can be layered with other windows display elements such as drapes or blinds – so you don’t have to totally disregard your privacy. Sheer curtains are timeless and great for those seeking privacy who also want a bright and airy space to live in. Made from semi-translucent fabrics like cotton lace or loosely woven polyester voile, sheer curtains permit optimum light in a room.


You may not have heard of it but ripple fold is a pretty standard term for a rolled pleat drapery construction. This refers to the style in which the pleating in the material comes through the hanging carriers. The tracking mechanism creates a strong s-curve in the curtains material. An easy and simple style, Ripple fold drapery is widely used by interior designers and highly popular in commercial hospitality settings such as hotels and restaurants. 


Warm, natural materials are always going to be popular and 2021 is no exception to this trend which is well established in terms of interior design. Curtains these days which are made from thick cotton have become especially popular. The fabric not only looks good with its natural texture, but it’s a great investment, it’s got a lack of a tendency to fade, and the ability to bring out the pattern’s colour depth and visual volume. Linen curtains are also particularly popular, their ability to bring ease and simplicity into a space makes them highly popular and even appear more expensive than they actually are.


Also referred to as ‘cottagecore’ this is a trend that first emerged in 2020 but has seeped its way into 2021 too. This style consists of soft floral prints and traditional patterns. Think cosy, warm tones and as the name suggests, patterns and prints which wouldn’t look out of place in a cottage environment. Layering up different vintage-style fabrics in a mix of prints is a great idea, with lots of ruffles and textures too! Gingham is another classic cottage style pattern that is perfect for this aesthetic and would be well suited for curtain design too.


Roman blinds never go out of style and still are proving their longevity into 2021. These days you can purchase roman blinds in a variety of fabrics, materials, colours, and styles. These blinds can be custom fit for your window too for extra ease! You can select from a selection of shades ranging from neutral tones to bold hues. You really can’t go wrong with this style of blind, not only in terms of aesthetics but also in terms of practicality, the roman blind truly is a classic which is here to stay.


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