Each year, we see another round of interior design trends sweeping the market. Whether it’s the return of eclectic retro styles or brand new ultra-modern ideas, homeowners up and down the country enjoy following the new trends and injecting elements of them into their homes. 2019 has seen yet another revision of what’s ‘hot’, like exchanging minimalism for maximalism and rose gold for acrylic. Let’s take a look at five of our favourite design trends for this year.

Sustainability – It feels like the entire world is finally waking up to the pressing needs of the environment and this mindset is also seeping into interior design. The use of natural, reclaimed materials is not only eco-friendly, but it also creates a calming and relaxed look. Think recycled wooden pallet coffee tables, upcycled furniture and natural textures.

Maximalism – Whilst last year was all about minimalism, this year sees the return of maximalism. Maximalism means warm, rich colours, organic shapes and curvy furniture, creating a truly sumptuous feel. Opt for large-scale and statement patterns on your wallpapers and soft furnishings, then contrast these designs with bold art. For instance, replace your contemporary minimalist pieces with large historic portraits and still life.

Greenery – Plants are pretty much everywhere at the moment, and for good reason. They bring natural colour into a room, as well as much-needed oxygen into the air which freshens up the space. Whilst you don’t need to be a keen gardener, it pays to know a little bit about how to look after house plants. There’s nothing worse than decorating a room with beautiful greenery, only for it to lose its colour and shrivel up. Choose plants that are easy to care for like cacti, bamboo, peace lilies and spider plants if you’re not so green-fingered.

Bold and black – In kitchens and bathrooms, we’re seeing a move towards dark, deep colours, and for the brave interior enthusiasts, black. Dark tones create a sultry, high-end feel and will make small spaces feel rich and indulgent. Whilst you may not want to paint your entire living room black, your under-the-stairs cloakroom or en-suite bathroom could be painted black to surprise your guests with a bold interior design choice.

Eclectic interiors – Following on from the maximalist trend, many interior designers are opting for an eclectic mix of styles and trends from throughout history in order to create a homely and carefully cluttered look. If you’re worried about making your rooms feel too chaotic, why not just opt for a gallery wall or a sofa that clashes with your cushions? Eclectic interiors are all about playful contrast, whilst sticking to a theme that ties each element together.

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