Now more than ever our homes have become a place of solace – a safe haven for us to feel secure, comfortable and calm. The home is an area from which to connect with extended family and loved ones. As well as this, it should be a place that you can relax and unwind. Spending more time indoors recently offers us the perfect opportunity for us to better understand what we want from our home and how we really want each area within our home to function and to appear. And with summer finally upon us, now is the ideal time to begin planning a refreshing update or full refurbishment for your home. So with this in mind, we have collated a few of our favourite summer interior trends for this season.  

Making some important home improvements throughout the summer is a great decision and the best time of the year for implementing creative home-improvement ideas. There is no time like the present to transform your home. Interior home remodelling increases the value of your home as well as enhances the appearance of your property. There are summer home trends that you can consider for such a project. Throughout the summer decorating is often focused around seasonal trends. However, it’s always a safe bet to opt for trends that are minimal and contemporary. 

Natural fibres Natural fibres are an ideal attraction among homeowners. Interior designers have as well revived this trend, and it is a style that is easy to implement. Before you make use of this trend, it helps to know how to use them in your home for decoration. They have become highly popular thanks to the high demand for environmentally friendly and sustainable decors. Some of the essential products that you can purchase made of natural fibres include rugs, furniture, and decorative objects. You can even have sofas made up of cotton, curtains, table cloths, and many other kinds of upholstery made of natural fibres.

Nautical influenced interiors If you are passionate about décor and drawn to colours like blue, white, and grey a nautical theme could be for you and there has been plenty of this style around during this summer season. These colour themes will really add beautiful reflective elements to your home. You can break up the colour palette using natural textures that give a relaxed, beach-vibe theme to your home. Grey, blue and white are the perfect shades for introducing natural materials in your interior design project.

Wooden features Adding wooden features to your living room is an ideal way to give your house a visually appealing and elegant look. Wood will as well add warmth to your living room and an alluring visual appeal. You can implement wood to your accent wall and ceiling of your house. Opt for a wooden texture that embraces relaxed and rustic styles that add a classy look to your interior.

Add art to your home having a few standout pieces on the wall can as well change the entire look of your home’s interior. However, go for art design that tells a story and will bring out the best in your interior décor. The wall décor you choose should bring life to your living room. Hang abstract art, create a gallery wall of photographs or hang mirrors that reflect light that your living room needs, whatever works best for you and reflects the personality of your home. 

Innovative shapesThe big theme for interior design in 2020 is curves. By this, we mean smooth lines, scalloped edges, padded curves and fan shapes. This can be applied to anything from plush sofas to sideboards and bedside tables, curves in the design are popping up everywhere! There are ways of incorporating curves into all types of design features, fans and scallops all-around your home. This isn’t to say that sleek, streamline designs are going anywhere anytime soon – this one will always be a matter of taste. Curves are perhaps more of a flamboyant option.

Texture and comfortThis has been said a lot recently. The continuing theme in luxury interiors is all about simplicity, comfort and texture. Home is where you come to kick back, de-stress and unwind. Yes, you want your home to look fantastic, but certainly not at the expense of comfort. Texture plays a big part in this movement. Whether you prefer a supremely soft leather or warm cashmere, smooth velvets, natural linens or modern, textured fabrics, everything is designed to both catch the eye and envelop you in luxurious comfort.

Plenty of greenery This one might seem pretty obvious because you can’t miss how much plants have been popping up everywhere at the moment. Houseplants are gaining popularity by the day, even something as simple as a few potted succulents to a full-blow leafy green oasis in your living room. We’d certainly advocate bringing the outdoors indoors but, until recently, this having huge windows which permit a good view of the garden. These days though, the garden itself has moved in. 

As well as looking fresh and healthy, and even making us feel calm, there are loads of other benefits to having plants living alongside us at home. Amongst other things, they soak up some of the free radicals and pollutants triggered by our techy products. In design terms, this trend also feeds into the bold, botanical vibe that we have been seeing in wallpapers as well as textiles. Our advice is to steer clear from anything too little and fussy. Be bold and go for big, foliage that makes a real statement.You’re not going to drain your bank accounts by undertaking a home interior remodelling project. With a good budget in place you can come up with an elegant way to improve the look of your home by perhaps using the above 2020 living room trends. However, you have to figure out whether you can do-it-yourself or seek professional help.

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