Installing new carpet can transform your home, improving the space and making it warmer too. Perhaps you’re moving into a new property or your current flooring has seen better days, whatever your reason is, new carpet has many benefits.

So, what should you consider before going ahead with your purchase? Read on to find out more.

Where are you installing the carpet? Think about where you want the carpet to be installed, as this will help you answer many of the other questions that you also need to consider. Depending on where you’d like your carpet placed will determine what kind of carpet you go for. For example, carpets in high traffic areas such as hallways and staircases should be thicker and more durable, plus it will get dirtier much quicker if you choose a light coloured carpet. 

How big is the space and what is your budget? The size of the space will change the cost of the carpet installation. Bigger rooms will be more expensive than smaller rooms, however, the price is also affected by the type of carpet you choose. Consider your budget and the things you want to gain from your carpet. Do you want something luxurious or practical? Could you find something you’re looking for at a lower price bracket? What kind of pile do you want? It’s a good idea to go into the showroom so you can see exactly what’s on offer so you can answer all of these questions.

What style are you looking for? Carpet is a longterm investment so be sure to think about your choice carefully before having it installed. Neutral tones may be a good idea if you want something that will still fit in if you decide to change the rest of your decor. However, with many colour and pattern options available, you could also go bold with your choice too.

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