In regards to commercial flooring, most hotel’s tend to opt for an easy-to-maintain solution that can be easily kept clean and with minimal effort. Retail establishments often favour tile, vinyl, laminate or wood, as do many restaurants or other leisure businesses; however, hotels do have slightly different needs. Many guests will treat their hotel as a home from home, regardless of if they are on a weekend business trip or a long-term holiday; therefore, comfort and ambience have to be considered along with the basic factors of different types of flooring installed at a hotel.The ideal floor for your hotel needs to be reliant on several things; durable, safe, attractive but most of all, cost-effective. With increased levels of footfall, this includes luggage too, every single day. The floor needs to also be appropriate and safe for its job but offers that something extra that keeps people coming back to experience your hospitality.Without a doubt and as with everything, there are benefits and limitations to all types of the floor which is dependent on what you are trying to achieve with your hotel or B&B. Bedrooms, bathrooms, corridors and dining areas will all need various considerations.

The Importance of choosing the right flooring  – Not only does quality flooring and carpeting attract positive attention, but it can also encourage people to feel more at ease in your hotel. Quality flooring and comfortable carpeting can increase guest satisfaction, which in turn affects your feedback, ratings, review scores and reputation. This relates to room rates and return on investment impacting your profitability. While there’s a huge range of flooring options available, some of the most frequently used in hotels include: 

• Hardwood

• Granite

• Marble

• Carpet

• Vinyl

• Laminate

• Ceramic and Porcelain Tile

• Decorative Concrete

Lots of these materials are frequently complimented with area rugs, these can be utilised to separate and define a space by adding visual and textural contrast. Patterned rugs are frequently utilised in high-traffic locations, while minimalist rugs can add warmth and sophistication to lounges, guests’ rooms or reception areas.

What to consider while selecting flooring – Here are some factors to consider while choosing flooring and carpets for your hotel:

Appearances – Much like the four walls in any area, the floor or fifth wall as it is referred as, needs to please the eye. Floors have to be luxurious but complement the rest of the décor and design elements within each space.

Comfort – People like to feel pampered and relaxed in a hotel, with a comfy bed and cosy furnishings. Soft hide rugs or plush carpets can help them feel even more comfortable, and add a touch of warmth to any space.

Safety – Floors and carpets must not be slippery if you find they are exposed to water, dust, etc. Be sure to take the viscosity and slipperiness of each material into account, particularly in bathrooms and near exterior spaces.

Acoustics – Flooring plays a crucial part in reducing noise within an interior space and can help to soften sounds within a room as well as from joining rooms. This establishes a more peaceful and relaxed atmosphere for guests.What’s more, you can’t just pick up one cheap flooring choices randomly and expect it to work in any room where you put it in. Every type of flooring has pros and cons, one type that’s ideal for one room could be a bad choice for another.So prior to you getting started on your floor project, it pays to do a bit more research on the different kinds of flooring and learn about their costs and benefits. Then, you can find a floor that suits your hotel and your budget. Here we go through a few options for the most popular commercial flooring choices. 

Carpet flooring – Often found in bedrooms and corridors, the most well-liked flooring seen in hotels and B&B’s is carpet. Going with the clear extensive choice of colours, patterns and textures, there are lots of other reasons for this: 

Soundproofing – Along with a quality underlay, carpet is one of the most soundproofed flooring options available. With tons of people opening and closing doors, moving bags and moving about all in the same hotel, soundproofing is a necessity as noise levels will make or break a hotel experience.

Warm and comfortable – There’s nothing people dislike more than waking up and stepping onto a cold and hard floor in the morning. Carpets and rugs are often a preference, particularly around the bedroom.

Vinyl flooring – The core benefits of vinyl can frequently go unseen, however, there are a few advantages to this type of flooring that could really elevate your hotel. The hardwearing and very affordable floor comes in lots of styles, patterns and colours to perfectly match the style of your hotel.Because of the affordable price, you can most likely find vinyl in more budget hotels. One of the key things about a vinyl floor, other than the fact it is very hygienic and extremely easy to clean, it that it’s really straightforward to fix if it’s gets damaged. It is usually scratch resident, and often flooring getting damaged is just unavoidable. However, if an area of vinyl gets damaged, it is really easy to just take out the damaged part and replace it with a new matching section. There is no need to redo the whole room. With the vast design possibilities of vinyl, you will be able to mimic more costly designs such as wood, stone or tiles to still get an appealing look in your rooms for half the price. 

Keep guests and employees comfortable and safe – Always be careful to see the different uses of the rooms in your hotel. Aesthetics, health and safety, as well as acoustic performance and hygiene, should be high on the list of priorities. According to the latest Health and Safety Executive (HSE), 40% of all injuries to employees are caused by slips and trips. Many slips happen in kitchens and restaurants and flooring should be specified that is specifically suitable for these areas.

Statement-making flooring – The appearance and appeal of flooring cannot be underestimated, particularly in reception areas where guests can get their first impressions of where they are about to stay. Not only can the flooring enhance comfort, hygiene and acoustic performance, it can really increase the overall look and ambience of a hotel, allowing the guests to feel more welcome. If it’s a feeling of cosiness, grandeur or ultra-contemporary chicness, flooring can add a something extra. You can even feature customised logos into carpet, vinyl and mats to increase your brand awareness.

Choose installers wisely – This is important. You will want a company that provides an installation service which will fit into a hotel’s daily schedule. specialist lifting equipment minimises disruption meaning furniture doesn’t always have to be removed. Make sure your installation company provides a similar service. Poor installation can decrease the life span of your flooring and detract from the quality you are trying to portray.
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