Carpets and rugs offer both an aesthetic and practical addition to homes, and there is nothing quite like the feeling of a soft plush carpet or rug underneath your toes. 

Adding the perfect homely touch to a living area or bedroom, carpets can come in a variety of different styles designed to suit a range of thoroughfares. From hallways to living rooms, bedrooms and dining areas – you should consider different carpets for these areas. This is because some of them, like hallways and living areas, are well-tread by all members of the household. Think about the number of times you have rushed around your home looking for your keys, for example. 

What’s more, some homeowners prefer wooden and tiled floors accessorised with an ornate shaggy rug at the centre. However, finding the right carpet colour and feel, or rug is never easy. With a range of styles out there, it can be overwhelming, to say the least; not something that instantly comes to mind when thinking about home interior design. 

With this in mind, whether you are oscillating between fully carpeting your home or investing in some statement rugs, we hope that our blog will help. As a leading interior design and decoration service in Derby, we have helped a variety of home and business owners create stunning spaces, so we want to share our expertise regarding carpets, rugs and everything in-between. Read on to find out more. 

Different carpet threads and weavesFirst and foremost, you need to know the different kinds of carpet threads that are typically available on the mass market. Carpets are primarily designed for the modern homeowner; able to absorb noise, be stain-resistant and relatively affordable – you can get carpets in both synthetic and natural fibres. 

Carpet fibreGenerally speaking, there are four basic types of carpet fibre: nylon, polyester, olefin, and wool. You can get a mixture of wool with these fibres if you want a primarily natural fibrous carpet but you don’t want to compromise on price. However, synthetic fibres, despite being more affordable, have a range of benefits including stylish, stain-resistant and good insulation. 

Carpet constructionFrom choosing the fibres, you then need to consider the carpet construction; a large majority of domestic carpets are created as tufted carpet. This is because they are easy to make and can be made relatively quickly than other carpet constructions. You will also need to consider the amount of ‘twists’ you want your carpet to have. Twists generally refer to how tightly the yarn has been twisted, the more twisted the yarns are, the better resistance he carpet will have against crushing and matting. Plus, you need to consider the density of the carpet pile too. The closer together the carpet piles, the more likely the carpet will be able to sustain wear and tear. However, this may affect the look and feel of the carpet overall as you could be sacrificing the plush appearance to go for a tightly woven, twisted and high-density carpet. 

Carpet textureThe carpet texture refers to how the fibres of the carpet are attached. There are three different types of carpet texture that you can expect to find at your local carpet retailer:Cut Pile – Cut pile carpets consist of yarns that are cut at the end and they are generally softer in comparison to other carpet textures. There are five types of cut pile carpet: velvet, saxony, frieze, shag and cable. Each of these carpet types has a different number of twists in the yarns which affects their price and durability. Loop – Loop carpets are designed and crafted with yarns that are looped and then uncut on the surface of the carpet. Loop carpet textures can be luxurious and plush underfoot or can be more tightly constructed. A well-known loop carpet is Berber. Cut-loop – This carpet texture is a combination of the two carpet textures above, with high cut tufts and lower loops. 

Carpet dye Though it may be tempting to choose a cream or beige coloured carpet for your home, due to its luxurious and calming connotations, however, for those with young messy children it can be unforgivable. This is why many choose a dyed carpet where stains, dust and dirt can be easily concealed. There are two main methods of dyeing carpets – solution-dyed and continuous dyed. This essentially differs between the carpet fibres being dyed before or after they are woven. Both offer solid and long-lasting colour. 

Decorating your hallwayNow that you have more in-depth information about carpet creation and the different kinds of carpet you can choose from, here comes the fun part: decorating your home. It is no secret that, as the old adagé states, first impressions really do count, and you want you, your family members and your guests to step into your home and instantly feel comfortable and awe at your interiors. For the style-conscious homeowner, you will want your hallway to reflect this. 

A carpet is a great choice if you want the entrance of your home to feel luxurious; however, as it is a highly tread area of your home, and with plenty of muddy footwear instantly stepping through the door, choose a synthetic and natural mixture of carpet fibres. Ideally, choose a nylon-wool mix; nylon is the most durable and stain resistant carpet fibre, whereas wool can look brand new for a long time. Go for a darker rather than a lighter cream carpet, then have wooden stairs in natural organic grains to offset the cream tones. If you really are concerned about stains, a charcoal grey carpet will look modern and chic, but will easily conceal dirt. To encourage guests to take off their shoes when they enter the home, place a shoe rack next to the door and also hangers for their coats and scarves. 

You can also add other decorative elements to enhance the luxurious vibe of the space, a sensuous reed diffuser, large mirror and statement lighting feature is a great way to welcome you after a long day. 
For those who don’t want to worry about constantly cleaning their hallway, opting for a tiled or wooden entrance is preferable as these are easier to clean. But, to add that tactile and soft feel, a runner carpet or long thin rug would be ideal. You can get rugs to suit all tastes, yet for highly trodden hallways, go for a flat weave or jute runner as these can add a chic touch without compromising on durability. 

Decorating your living room – Your living room is a great place to escape to with a glass of wine after a long day; nothing quite beats the feeling of lazing in front of the television after work or on a Saturday night with the whole family. So, for carpets or rugs, you will want a plush texture that will reflect this comfortable vibe, helping you to relax and sink into the evening. 

Your living room won’t have as high of a thoroughfare as your hallway, but it will still be frequented by family and guests. So, when choosing a carpet you can be braver and go for a cream hue. Or, you could add personality to the space and choose a bright vibrant colour like fuschia, orange or perhaps a pale green? Of course, this does depend on your personal taste and also how you envisage the space overall. 

For those who have floorboards, why not stain these white, or a darker hue like mahogany to add a dramatic look to your home? Then, complement with a rug like a bohemian Berber rug, a bright orange rug or a Persian antique rug to add personality to the space, without it being overwhelming.  

Transforming your master bedroom – Your master bedroom is your space to relax with your partner, have a restful nights sleep and hide away from the world on a rainy cold day. From plush down duvets to Egyptian cotton sheets, no expense should be spared when designing your bedroom, and this is certainly the same when choosing a carpet. 

This is the perfect space for a cut pile carpet like shag or velvet – providing a supple and soft feel underneath your feet. Putting carpet in your bedrooms also has a practical element too as it blocks out the noise of people moving around. From classic soft greys to creams, champagne tones or even a slightly more unusual tone like light blue or lilac, these will create a sumptuous bedroom ideal for relaxing within. 
For rugs and floorboards, your own personality and personal taste should shine through. Getting a rug to match the colour scheme of your bedroom will create a relaxing sense of harmony and tranquillity. Yet, also on the other hand, for a muted colour palette – a touch of vibrancy wouldn’t go amiss. 

Decorating a child or teenagers bedroom – If you have a young or older child, you will want their bedroom to reflect their bubbly, bright and imaginative personality. Whilst it’s important to have a room that makes them feel at home, you will also want their bedroom style to be able to last. For instance, you don’t want to be out of pocket every time they want a new style or theme as they get older. 

With this in mind, choose a carpet colour that is timeless and can easily go with whatever colour scheme they choose as they grow up. For instance, a cream carpet is perfect as it complements a range of other colours. However, as with younger messy children, it is likely that the carpet will get stained – so make sure to choose a synthetic fibre which can easily be cleaned of paint, crayon or food stains. 

However, perhaps a more affordable way to decorate your child’s bedroom and for it to stand the test of time, is to choose a rug. You can get a range of kiddish, teenager and young adult rugs far cheaper than fitting a brand new carpet. What’s more, when they want a new rug, you can easily swap in a new style rather than moving around furniture and turning your home upside down.

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