Often, a central location means having to compromise on space. But that certainly shouldn’t mean that you have to compromise on style too. Yes, you’ll need to be a little more strategic with your decor. But we’re here to help bring your design dreams to life, no matter how many square metres you’re working with. 
Read on for our top tips to help decorate your small flat and maximise the space: 

Get vertical storage solutions that also look great – Storage doesn’t have to be boring. When you’re working with a small space, get stylish storage solutions that can perform double-duty as decor. Not only are you maximising your space, but you’ll also utilise the unused vertical areas of your rooms. For instance, floor-to-ceiling shelves are ideal for displaying your favourite ornaments, books and indoor plants. 
The best part? You’re not using up precious floor space. 

Keep the colour scheme on the light side – While dark colours absorb light, white is known to reflect all colours. We’d recommend painting your walls white to brighten up the flat and instantly create an aura of more space. Add in splashes of colour with bright and bold paintings and indoor plants. 
Similarly, opt for lighter colours when it comes to things like curtains and carpets. 

Invest in dual purpose furniture pieces – Yes, your furniture can multitask too. Too many items of furniture can quickly overwhelm a small space. Limit the number by investing in items that can serve more than one purpose. For instance, a coffee table which extends for dining, a bed with hidden storage underneath, or a cabinet that folds out into a desk. 

Make use of wall space – Use your wall space for functional-yet-stylish shelving and lighting. Again, this helps to free up some of the valuable floor space that you’re lacking. Opt for lighting fixtures over large floor lamps, and wall-mounted shelving over freestanding. And then, of course, there’s the age-old trick of adding a few carefully placed mirrors to your walls to reflect light. This instantly creates an illusion of more space in even the tiniest abode. 

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