So, you’ve purchased some brand new carpeting for your home? That’s the easy part over with, but you might be questioning, how do I keep it looking it’s absolute best for years to come? Well, it’s simple – keeping your carpets well maintained and taking care of them will not only keep them in good condition but also save you money in the long run, as well as preventing any unwarranted smells, allergens or general bacteria. So with this in mind, in this blog we’ll go through some of the most common issues homeowners tend to have related to their carpets and a few hacks for cleaning them and keeping them in good nick!  
Easy Hacks For Carpet Owners

Utilise a doormat – Place a doormat in the doorways or entrances to prevent dirt or moisture from entering the room – this sounds obvious but it will help keep the room clean and stop dirt getting embedded in your carpet. 

Prioritise Vacuuming  – Vacuum daily if possible during the first few weeks of owning your carpet. Loose fibres can often make their way to the surface of the carpet, and these will need to be removed by vacuuming. Frequent vacuuming will help to prevent dirt and grime from getting into the carpet fibres and also helps to keep the tufts orderly and upright. A vacuum cleaner fitted with a beater bar and/or brushes is advisable for cut pile carpets. However a vacuum cleaner without a beater bar or brushes is best for loop pile carpets.

Don’t ever pull on loose fibres  – If a section of the carpet fibre sticks up above the surface, it should be trimmed to the level of the other tufts, don’t ever pull it out as this can lead to long term issues. There can be a certain distinctive smell when a new carpet is fitted. This is often just caused by the carpet, underlay or any adhesives which have been used to place it. Ideally, the room should be aired out by opening windows and doors and the odour will go within a few days.

Simple at-home solutions 

Pet stained carpets – Many homeowners think that if they have pets at home, carpets just aren’t a feasible option. Nevertheless this is not the case. You just need a few ideas about how to prepare yourself if there is any unfortunate staining that takes place. You’ll want to buy an enzyme-based solution that is suited to your carpet material and fibre type. As well as this, you can get specific hoovers that are specially designed to pick up animal and pet hairs. 

Deep cleaning your carpet – No doubt for most of us this does seem like a mammoth task but it’s very simple once you break it down into easy steps. For a start, clear the room and tidy away any bits and pieces. Then do a quick vacuum and dust is needed and if you have rented a carpet cleaner, read the manufacturer’s instructions and start in the furthest corner of the room and work your way out, you don’t want to get yourself stuck in the corner! 

With wine stains, a swift response time is key – don’t let it sit there. Using a clean, preferably white cloth, blot, definitely don’t rub the stain. The more you can soak up, the less you’ll have to remove. Using cold water and blotting it will help dilute the stain. 

Rubbing Alcohol Does Remove Nail Varnish – You might not want to risk rubbing alcohol on carpets, because it might damage the dye and lead to bleaching, particularly when the offending stain is nail varnish. Nevertheless,nail varnish remover and other types of clear rubbing alcohol are not nearly strong enough to bleach the carpet. So, hold off until the nail polish has dried. Chip off as much of the dried nail polish as you can with a blunt tool, ideally a butter knife, and then gently dab with a cloth or a paper towel until the nail polish dissolves and is absorbed into the material.

Shaving Cream Solves Normal Dirt Stains – Carpets in lighter shades such as in beige, yellow, white or soft pastel colours can get dirt patches that come from high traffic, dust or just easy accidents. Having children around also gives such carpets highly visible skid marks and dirt can be a pain sometimes, but not when you get shaving cream involved! Any kind works, so you can budget around this. The stain can be old and the main benefit from rubbing shaving cream in the stain and letting it sit is that afterwards, the carpet feels soft to the touch and there’s more fluff to it as well. It’ll have your carpet looking as good as new. 

Baking Soda Can Also Freshen Your Carpet – Are you a home with children? And pets? No doubt you will still want your carpet smelling fresh and clean but you also want to use products that will not harm your family and pets? Well in that case, we have a simple solution. Technically, baking soda is half of what you need to create your own light freshener for when you want to spruce up your carpeting be it for guests or some other more formal event. You’ll need a bottle of essential oil and a 16-ounce box of baking soda. Add anywhere between 10 to 20 drops depending on how noticeable you want the scent to be and go for something fresh like a citrus. Sprinkle your carpet with this mixture the way you would dust a cake with sugar and then vacuum after 5-10 minutes. The baking soda absorbs bad smells, the oil freshens the carpet fiber – perfect. 

Shag Carpets Needs Additional Care – Shag carpets seem to have made a return as a must-have piece in your home, but it does not mean the shag carpets are any easier to clean. On the other side, most vacuums have such strong suction that it causes these carpets to shed as fibers get sucked in, become frizzy or just just come loose. It’s as if you have a pet in your home! To prevent these shedding episodes altogether, just vacuum only with the hose attachment. You get into the roots of the fibers without damaging the material.

Fluff Up Your Carpet with Vinegar – Vinegar has lots of uses similar to baking soda when it comes to carpet care and one of the most interesting uses is to fluff up high-traffic areas where the carpet can look worn out and the fibers have been flattened out. You dilute vinegar in equal amounts of water and then spray it on the impacted area. Once the material has absorbed the mixture, take a kitchen spoon and run it sideways along the carpeting to loosen the fibers and restore their original texture.

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