We all love Christmas, and this is a time of year to try out some of your most creative design ideas.
From Christingle’s to the Christmas pickle, there are some downright bizarre Christmas decorations that happen around the world. 

We want to keep it more minimal this Christmas, so we have provided a list of simple ways you can add that finishing touch to your home.

Create your own wreath – Most of the materials are usually available in your local craft shops, but if you are unable to find the materials, you can always improvise, even using materials like flowers from your garden. Some of the best ideas start from simply using the materials you have available, so why not get creative and see what you can come up with.

Homemade Candles – This one is simple and effective but is probably best kept to the kitchen. Buy your own wax and combine with frangrance oils and special perfumes to create a pleasant mix of relaxing odours to enjoy over the Christmas period. You could create winter botanicals or festive spice candles to help create an even more festive feeling.

Dried Fruit Decorations – From fragrant Potpourri to homemade Baubles, there are loads of things you can do with dried fruit.

Gather a mix of dried fruit, flowers, herbs and spices and dry out in the oven. Do not leave the mixture in for very long and ensure you keep a close eye to avoid burning. Add essential oils for even more fragrance; find a nice bowl to display them in, then sit back and enjoy the aroma.

Make a Unique Garland – Pinecones, Mistletoe, Bows and even Hollybush leaves, there are tons of things you can use to make your own garland. You could recycle old decorations into a stylish new ornament with a yuletide twist. Whether it’s a stylish table centrepiece, something to adorn your bannisters or a charming chandelier to impress guests.

Lewis Interiors: Interior Design Specialists – We are here to help you keep your Christmas a bit more tasteful, and hopefully encourage you not to overload your home with lights and fire hazards, there are so many different environmentally friendly ways to decorate your home this winter.

For design advice, tips and products to help you add a festive touch to your home, contact the friendly design team at Lewis Interiors.