In the chilly months, who doesn’t want to return to a warm and cosy home? From adding throws and blankets to getting new candles and cushions, there’s a lot you can do to amp up the cosy factor in your home. You may be surprised to learn that your flooring can play a huge part in just how warm and inviting your home is. 

Intrigued? Read on for the flooring types to invest in to boost warmth and cosiness in your home this winter: 

Carpeted flooring – The most obvious choice for homeowners looking to add warmth, carpet can be a great insulator and protects us from heat loss through the floors. Most often placed in bedrooms, carpeted flooring also keeps our bare feet much warmer than most other types of flooring. 

The one downside? Carpet can be quite high-maintenance. Not only can it easily get dirty, but it can also get worn or faded without the right care and attention.

Wooden flooring – Installing wooden flooring can give your home that instant cosy winter cabin feel. Add some sumptuous rugs on top to add warmth and wooden flooring could actually be a great choice for the colder months. Another benefit is how durable and hard-wearing it is. If you really want to treat yourself, consider getting underfloor heating and your home will be nice and toasty even in the depth of winter.  

Vinyl flooring – While you may not think of vinyl floors as particularly cosy, this type of flooring offers other advantages. It’s the best flooring choice for bathrooms and kitchens, largely due to its water-resistant nature. It also works well with underfloor heating systems, making it a good option for the winter months. But the best part about vinyl flooring is its low-maintenance nature. It’s the easiest floor surface to clean and lasts for ages. We’d recommend installing vinyl floorings in any rooms with a lot of use and foot traffic! 

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