There are many beautiful houses in Derby but sometimes people aren’t making the most of their domiciles. Carpets are often neglected when it comes to formulating a style or a redecorating. The colour, material and design of your carpet can, in fact, have an enormous effect on the aesthetic appearance of your home. It is also often forgotten that the humble floor covers a huge percentage of the visible space in any room or hallway – so you better take your time choosing one!
Here are some of the options that you have to consider when choosing the correct carpet for your home:

Carpet Styles – The two most popular methods of carpet manufacture are tufted and woven. 

Tufted – Most carpets in Great Britain are made in a tufted style which is comprised of a line of needles inserting yarn into a material. There are many different types of surface textures available such as looped pile, twist carpets, velvet carpets and Saxony carpets.

Woven – Woven carpets are usually made by utilising labour-intensive methods of working which are traditional. Because of this inefficiency when compared to the manufacture of tufted carpets, they tend to be more expensive. It is worth noting though that they are often of better quality and more hard-wearing. There are two different types of woven carpet; one called Wilton, which is made of five different colours, and the Axminster which has an oriental style pattern.

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