With the ever-changing landscape of travellers and a growing number of people who are regularly choosing to eat out and go for stay-cations in the UK, hospitality design becomes more and more important in terms of what we consider to be visually appealing and what will benefit your business. When it comes to hospitality design – creating a unique look and sense of experience is crucial to achieving business success. Whether you run a restaurant, hotel or any other hospitality environment – creating a backdrop for an unforgettable experience is something locations are not expected to offer in terms of now they offer a major dose of lifestyle and interior inspiration. 

In one sense, you should see investing in the interior design of your establishment, exploring the stylistic options available to you. A beautifully designed space will feature innovative concepts, shapes, colour schemes, novel materials or just play with the known to create something aesthetic and truly breath-taking. So, considering this, here is our round-up of some of the most enduring design trends which have been sweeping hospitality establishments as of late. 

Shared spaces to socialize and spend time alone
It’s pretty commonplace these days for people to travel and dine alone. Solo-travelling is on the rise and it’s hardly surprising. So, with more of us comfortably spending time alone – restaurants, bars and hotels are beginning to accommodate this. To keep the people close together (within current COVID-19 safety restrictions) while also providing them with a sense of privacy, hotels and restaurants are rethinking their communal areas. To encourage their guests to enjoy the atmosphere but also feel comfortable, lots of hotels removed the minibars from their offers and instead focused on turning their communal areas into a relaxing and informal area to retreat to and enjoy a nightcap or just some relaxed downtime. Many even go as far as opening their doors to the general public, who can use these communal guest areas to enjoy the so-called isolated togetherness.

Sustainability is on the rise 
It’s become so apparent that the hospitality industries are clicking onto trends regarding sustainability which is of course fantastic! In regards to “going green” is definitely on the top of most hospitality establishments lists. It’s distinctly urgent as well, and without a doubt that we’ll be seeing as a top priority for the foreseeable future. What is interesting is how this shift is tying in with the boom in wellness trends. Due to this meeting of trends, hospitality establishments are going on to explore sustainable design choices in anything from architectural materials used to interior design assets. The desire to create sustainable and restorative environments’ is at a high and this is impacting hotel interiors in many ways. 

Sustainability has been trending for years now in the hospitality industry and other industries alike. Sustainability is still as relevant as ever, as the topic has become an essential part of other trends such as experiences in consumerism and even in retail environments. While our increasing level of consciousness is reflected in changing travel trends and the limitations which people have due to recent world events relating to COVID-19, as well as, eating and buying behaviours, many of us are trying to get our heads around how to do more and how to do better – even in regards to enjoying hospitality mindfully. 

Neutral Tones 
This year, more and more suppliers have put out essential collections. In doing this, the focus has been put on the quality of material and not primarily bold colours or patterns. It is also no coincidence that Pantone has selected its Colour of the Year to be Classic Blue; an elegant and simple tone, which exudes simplicity and is ageless in its calming, confident presence in space. As contemporary travellers have started to demand more home-from-home comforts from their hotel experience. Hotels have begun to focus on creating timeless settings. travellers expect the personality of the establishment to come through accessories and soft furnishings, which are inexpensive objects that can be changed easily with little fuss (particularly in the boutique hotel market). This conjures up a sense of style, substance and more importantly – comfort. 

Textured surfaces
The use of gold within the interiors of the modern hotel and in restaurants has very much been replaced for warmer metals and surfaces to create a more relaxed space. As manufacturing technology improves, surfaces are becoming more textured and layered with different materials to create interesting patterns, structures and shapes.

Encouraging self-care is key 
More and more these days ‘self-care’ is a term you’ll probably be used to being thrown around as taking care of yourself has become as important now as it ever has been. Relaxing and calming spaces, whether that be a restaurant or hotel is what people want. Even in such simple ways, for example, having lots of greenery and plants around, or perhaps relaxing neutral tones and soft and comfortable textures. 

Safety & Hygiene
Perhaps this point goes without saying at this current time. However, this is certainly something to not be overlooked and although you may not refer to ‘safety and hygiene’ as a trend as such, there are several hospitality trends that can be broadly described as being related to safety and hygiene and these have become especially important with the emergence of COVID-19. As the hospitality sector adapts and efforts are made to contain the spread. These concepts must be a consideration for hotels, restaurants, bars and cafes alike. 

This simple measure which you put in place may include the provision of hand gel, increased cleaning of areas which customers inhabit, implementing policies related to mask-wearing or using face coverings or other protective equipment, and making sure social distancing rules are adhered to and respected. Any specific rules need to be made clear ahead of time and need to be enforced to make people feel safe.

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