At Lewis Interiors, we understand how difficult it can be to decide on the type of new flooring you’d like to install at your home. Each style – whether it’s carpet, vinyl or tile – has different pros and cons and may be better suited to different rooms throughout the home. To help you decide, we’ve provided some information on the benefits of hardwood flooring specifically.

Luxury, High-Quality Flooring – One of the most obvious benefits of having hardwood installed is just how luxurious and high-quality the look and feel of hardwood is as a flooring solution. There’s nothing quite like stepping into a home to the rustic warmth of hardwood flooring; very few types of flooring can match hardwood for its elegance and minimalism.

Easy To Clean and Maintain – Practically, hardwood floors are also very easy to clean and maintain. Not only are they nice to look at, but hardwood floors are also super easy to keep in great condition and won’t have you constantly on your hands and knees trying to keep them ship shape. By simply mopping them on a semi-regular basis, you can keep them looking fresh for ages.

They’re Timeless and Flexible For a Number of Designs – As well as being luxurious, a hardwood floor is a great design match-up for a number of styles. Whether you’re going for something antiquated and rustic or sparse, minimalistic and modern, a hardwood floor is a great matchup. 

They Last For Ages – Finally, hardwood floors last for years. Once installed, hardwood floors won’t have to be replaced for a long period of time, will need minimum maintenance and will increase the value of your property so they represent a great investment for the home.

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