Many employees spend around eight hours a day working in the office which is why it is important that their work environment is as comfortable and pleasant as possible. There are many different reasons companies undergo office refurbishments, from creating extra room for a growing team to upgrading facilities and boosting productivity. If it’s been a while since your office has had some TLC, it may be time for an office fit out – something that can completely transform and revive your working environment. Read on for the top signs that your office is due a refurbishment. 

Your team is growing  – A growing and expanding company is very exciting and great news for your business, however, it can cause a few issues when it comes to space and fitting everyone in comfortably. If you are struggling to make room for new employees, it may be time to consider an office fit out. Cramming desks into an office can leave employees feeling uncomfortable and unproductive, so it’s best to start fresh and redesign the layout. 

The office is cluttered – A cluttered office is far from an ideal working environment; messy and untidy spaces can be particularly distracting for employees. If your office is lacking in sufficient storage or the area has become cluttered with files and documents due to poorly designed storage, an office fit out is the perfect opportunity to upgrade your storage solutions.

The interior is outdated – A dull and outdated office is far from inspiring for your employees, let alone potential clients who visit your space. It is important that your office communicates the right message to customers and clients as well as employees, and therefore investing in an office fit out is one way to bring your workspace up to date. In order to inspire productivity and creativity, the workplace should be fresh, modern and on brand. 

Productivity levels are low – Your office is where all of the magic happens: where planning and action takes place, where projects are completed, where meetings are held and where ideas are created. If productivity and concentration levels in the office are low, it may be time to consider an office fit out. If your staff are currently working in an outdated office with outdated technology, they may even feel undervalued and be more likely to call in sick. An office refurbishment is one way to boost morale in the office and to ensure that everyone has the facilities that they need. 

Whether you are looking for a few renovations or a full office fit out in Derby, Lewis Interiors can help. As specialists in commercial interior design, we can design, create, supply and fit an extensive range of products to boost productivity in your office and ensure that you are making the most of your space. For more information about our commercial fit out services, visit our website today.